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Refrigeration Equipment Hire Throughout Melbourne

Whatever your portable freezer and refrigeration hire requirements, Betta Bar Rentals is bound to have a product to suit.  Whether you need a fridge, freezer or display cabinet for your product, you can hire what you require from Betta Bar Rentals.  We provide a large range of equipment throughout the Melbourne area and country areas including:  

  • Upright Display & Storage Refrigerators
  • Curved Glass Deli Display Cabinets
  • Under-counter Display & Storage Refrigerators
  • Reach-in Dairy Deck Cases
  • Upright and Chest Freezers
  • Refrigerated Cake Display Cabinets
  • Ice-cream Scooping Cabinets
  • Refrigerated Cold Food Bars

If you can't see what you are looking for here, PLEASE call us, as we may indeed have a solution to your requirements.


Benchtop Refrigerated Display
Internally illuminated, adjustable/removable shelving
Requires only 10amp power
Available in 550mm and 700mm long
1dr Underbar Refrigerator
Internally illuminated, with internal shelving, 10amp power
Dimensions W500 x D550 x H780mm
Underbench 3dr Solid Door Refrigerator
3dr Underbench Refrigerator, stainless steel worktop and doors
Dimensions W2300 x D650 x H900mm
Underbar Refrigerators
Stylish and sturdy with glass doors
2 levels of display and internal lighting.
2-dr W1600mm
3 dr W1800mm
4 dr W2250mm
Low Height Single door Refrigerator
Internally illuminated, adjustable shelving
Dimensions W530 x D575 x H1610mm
Single door Display Refrigerator
Single glass door, five internal adjustable shelves, mounted on castors
Requires only 10amp power

Two-Door Display Refrigeration Hire


Internally illuminated, adjustable shelving
Dimensions W1130 x D700 x H1990mm


Single door Underbar Display Freezer Hire
Internally illuminated, internal shelving, 10amp power
Dimensions W600 x D600 x H780mm
Chest and Portable Freezer
Sliding glass lids, on wheels, baskets included
Dimensions D650 x H880mm
Available in 1.2m and 1.7m long
Ice Cream Scooping Cabinet
Holds seven x 5ltr tubs
Great for parties and fundraising events
Two door Upright Display Freezer Hire
Highly visual, contains four adjustable shelves and internal lighting
Mounted on castors, ONLY REQUIRES 10amp power
Refrigerated Display Case
Internally illuminated, adjustable shelving

Mounted on a mobile stand, can be either self-serve or enclosed

Dimensions W1200 x D600 x H1400mm

Deli Display Refrigeration Equipment Hire
Refrigerated storage under, mounted on castors, suitable for meat display
Available in 1m, 1.3m, 2m, 2.6m
Refrigerated 'Dairy Deck' Reach In Display
Highly visual, contains four adjustable tilting shelves and internal lighting
Available in 1.5m, 2m
Cake Display Cabinet
If you’re in the business of creating confections, our cake display cabinets are for you. Glass-fronted and refrigerated, your cakes won’t just look fantastic; they’ll be kept cold and safe for the duration of the party.


Double glazed glass reduces condensation
On wheels, sliding rear doors
Dimensions W1200 x D750 x H1400mm
Refrigerated 'Dairy Deck' Reach In Display
Four adjustable tilting shelves and internally illuminated
Available in 1m, 1.3m, 1.5m, 2m
Ice Cube Maker Refrigeration Hire
Produces 155kg of cubed ice per 24hrs
Storage Bin holds approx 80kg ice
Requires only 10amp power
2 Bowl GRANITA Machine
(Slushie Machine)
Two 10ltr Bowls, requires only 10amp power.
Great for parties, fundraising events, school fetes, GREAT for your bottom line!